Tripal v2.1-beta3 now available

We are happy to announce the third beta release of Tripal v2.1!

This is the last 2.1 beta release. The next will be the full v2.1 release.  This version should be the most stable yet for v2.1 and provides all of the functionality that v2.1 will offer including:

1) A Chado v1.2 to v1.3 upgrade.
2) A new phylogeny module that includes a newick file importer for phylogenetic trees and  an NCBI taxonomy importer for taxonomic trees.  Much thanks to Andrew Farmer and the LegumeInfo group for their assistance and collaboration in development and inclusion of this new module!
3) Improved support for multiple Chado installations
4)  Many bug fixes.

For a more details listing please see the release page:

For upgrade instructions please see these links at the Tripal User's Guide:

Upgrading from a Tripal v1.1 site:

Upgrading from a Tripal v2.0 site: