Submit Bug Reports or Feature requests

To request help, report bugs or suggest new features you can create a new issue on Tripal's GitHub page on the Drupal website (requires a Drupal account).  Alternatively, you can send a request to the mailing lists described below. 

Monthly Community and Developer Meetings

The first Tuesday of each month is reserved for a teleconference call for discussions about the state of Tripal with Tripal core developers and others developing extension modules. The goal is to improve the usability of Tripal, reduce duplication of effort, and  help find collaborations. This meeting is open to anyone who would like to attend.  Please subscribe to the tripal mailing list to receive notifcations about these meetings. 

View archived meeting notes.

Mailing List

A community mailing list provided by GMOD allows end-users to post questions or comments. All subscribed users may respond. Tripal developers and other users will monitor and respond to questions as they are able. The following lists are available for subscription.  Click a link below to subscribe or unsubscribe to a list.

Tripal Announcement Mailing List This list will provide notices of updates or other important community news.  Only core Tripal developers will make announcements on this list.
Tripal Mailing List This list is for Tripal users to recieve help from Tripal developers and other Tripal users.  This list is most active.  Anyone can post to this list.
Tripal Developers Mailing List This list is intended for developers of Tripal and anyone interested in development of Tripal Extension modules to discuss design issues related.  Anyone can post to this list.
GMOD Chado Schema Mailing List This list is to discuss issues related to usage of the GMOD Chado database schema, and includes other users who use Chado in other applications.  Anyone can post to this list.


Drupal Security Feeds

If you would like to keep informed of vulnerabilities issued by Drupal's Security Team. Please consider subscribing to the following RSS feeds:

Or subscribe the Drupal Security Team Twitter account