Tripal is a toolkit for construction of online biological (genetics, genomics, breeding, etc), community database, and is a member of the GMOD family of tools. Tripal provides by default integration with the GMOD Chado database schema and Drupal, a popular Content Management Systems (CMS). Tripal is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.

Genomics, genetics, breeding and other biological data are increasingly complicated and time consuming to publish online for other researchers to search, browse and make discoveries.   Tripal provides a framework to reduce the complexity of creating such a site, and provides access to a community of similar groups that share community-standards, and interact to address questions and learn best practices for sharing, storing and visualizing complex biological data.


  • Provide a framework for those with genomic, genetic and breeding data for creation of an online site for display, search and visualization.
  • To use community-derived standards and ontologies to facility continuity between sites which in turn fosters collaboration and sharing
  • Provide an out-of-the-box setup for a genomics site for those who simply want to put new genome assemblies and annotations online.
  • Provide Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for complete customization such that more advanced displays, look-and-feel, and new functionality can be supported.

Major Features

  • Incorporates the GMOD Chado database schema which serves as the data warehouse.
  • Integrates with Drupal for user management, and non-biological content.
  • Data loaders for commonly used file formats (FASTA, GFF3, GAF, OBO, NCBI Taxonomy, PubMed, newick, tab-delimited, etc.).
  • Sites can be customized as desired.
  • Site developers can create new extension modules to share with other Tripal sites.