Upgrade from Tripal v2.0 to v2.1


Step 1:  Backup your Site

Before proceeding with the upgade please review the site backup instructions to ensure you can restore your site if the upgrade fails.

Step 2: Upgrade Tripal

  1. Place the site into maintenance mode.  This way visitors to the site will receive a message that the site is currently under maintenance.  You can easily do this with the following drush command:

    drush vset site_offline 1
  2. The following command will retrieve the Tripal 2.1 version:
    drush pm-download tripal-7.x-2.1-beta3
  3. Next, apply the Tripal updates:
    drush updatedb
  4. Execute the jobs that were added by the ugprade
    drush trp-run-jobs --username=administrator
  5. Re-enable your site:
    drush vset site_offline 0
  6. Upgrade is now complete!