Tripal development occurs between a large group of collaborators who create core Tripal software, extensions and documentation. Funding is provided from a variety of agencies and sources. Here is provided a list of some projects within the Tripal community.

The Tripal Gateway Project

The Tripal Gateway Project is a US National Science Foundation (NSF) Funded (award #1443040) project designed to create infrastructure to support two important needs within the Tripal community: data exchange and big data analysis.   Since it's first relase in 2009, Tripal has continued to be adopted by groups around the world hosting genomics, genetics and breeding data.  With this growth has come the needs of a maturing community, including that of accessing data via web services by client applications as well well as between Tripal sites themselves. Modern sequencing technologies have expanded the need for workflow-based analytics to meet the demands of community expectations, whereas in the past online single-program tools such as BLAST and Primer3 (to name a few) were sufficient.  The ability to move data between the communicty database and the high performance computing cluster is critical for meeting performance expections.  

The Tripal Gatway Project attempts to meet these needs through the addition of RESTful web services to Tripal, second, integration of Tripal with Galaxy such that Tripal sites can provide analytical workflows to their users, and third development and exploration of methods to improve data transfer between Tripal sites and computing centers where Galaxy jobs are executed.  

The Legume Federation

The Legume Federation Project, funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (award #1444806), is a group of biologists, data scientists and software developers working to support legume databases and research, to build a healthy research ecosystem for this important group of crops. Genomic resources have been or are being developed for many legume crops, but the fragmented nature of these data resources limits the ability of researchers to leverage information generated in one species to infer function or identify candidate genes in another species. The overarching goal of this project is to address this deficiency by developing software and methods for a "Legume Federation" (LF) of diverse, independently funded and geographically separated genomic data portals (GDPs).

Please contact us, for any reason - to participate, to get tools, to contribute data, to ask questions about resources or tools, etc.

SciDAS (Scientific Data at Scale)

SciDAS is a multi-institutional project funded by the National Science Foundation (award #1659300). The goal for SciDAS is to provide advanced cyberinfrastructure to support the creation of a National-level distributed compute infrastructure for the efficient injection of data and workflows compute environments. SciDAS is supported by rule based data discovery and retention policies with iRODs and a new SciDASH dashboard for monitoring and interacting with the high scale computational experiment.  To lean more please visit the official home page of SciDAS.

The SciDAS project will provide to the Tripal community two primary advancements.  First is the integration of Tripal with iRODs.  This new module will allow Tripal sites to query remote data stores that support iRODS such as the Cyverse Data Store.  Second, a new SciDAS module will allow Tripal sites to launch applications within the infrastructure created by SciDAS.  To demonstrate this utlity, a Systems-Biology use case will be developed in which a Tripal-site will query data generated from a workflow executed by SciDAS, and allow expandsion of the underlying data by submitting additonal jobs to update results.  These modules will be shared with all Tripal users for inclusion in any site.