Site Administrator

An individual who manages a Tripal website in some form or another.

Add a field to an Existing Default View


Tripal ships with a number of very generic default views. This allows users to immediately see their data "out-of-the-box". However, in the effort to make these views suit as many people as possible, they may not be ideal for you depending upon your requirements and data. This tutorial will show to how to alter those default views by adding fields.

Tripal v1.1 New Functionality

Tripal v1.1 provides several bug fixes and optimzations to some templates.  The largest contribution is a new Publication module that allows the site curator to create publication importers that can run periodically to automatically download publications that match specified criteria.  Publications can be retrieved automatically from PubMed and the USDA National Agricultural Library (AGRICOLA).   A new Tripal Publication Ontology has been created to provide the necessary controlled vocabulary for storing details about a publication.  Site curators can also manually add new publications.

Upgrade from Tripal v0.3.1b to v1.0

The following instructions are for upgrading an existing Tripal 6.x-0.3.1b site.   The instructions provided here use the Drush utility.  

Safety Check!

It is always best to perform a full database backup before proceeding.  Also, we recommend testing restoral of the database backup to be sure if something does go wrong you can easily get back.  If you have separate development and production databases/websites it is best to try your upgrade on the development site first.

"bytea" Fix for Postgres 9.x

A small alteration should be made to PostgreSQL databases running Drupal 6.  The fix only applies to PostgreSQL after 9.0:

ALTER DATABASE "drupal6" SET bytea_output = 'escape';

Note: substitute the name of your database in place of 'drupal6' above