Released: Needs Review

Tripal Fields Generator Extension Module

The Tripal Fields Generator is a CLI tool for developers. While not a module per se, Fields Generator greatly simplifies the process of defining fields programmaticaly by collection information on the cvterm for the field and automatically generating the,, and files. Can connect to your database and verify your cvterm information to prevent accidental insertion of erroneous terms.

Tripal Analysis Expression Extension Module

Tripal Analysis Expression modules allows users to upload a differential expression analysis, including expression values for a feature across many biomaterials (such as RNASeq libraries or microarrays). Loaders include a biosample xml loader and an expression data loader. The expression levels are visualized on the individual feature field as a bar chart, or, users can collect multiple features and view them in a heatmap. A field is included that will allow CSV download of expression data when attached to the organism, analysis, or individual feature.