How To's

Controlling which fields get indexed

By default, Tripal indexes the name, uniquename and all foreign keys (ie: organism_id > organism, type_id > cvterm, dbxref_id > dbxref) for all node types where the machine name is prefixed by "chado_". When indexing the foreign keys it attempts to make a readable representation using a combination of name, genus/species/common_name, accession/ These fields were choosen because they are most likely to be used and meaningful for all Tripal sites without being too large or complicated to index efficiently.

Add a field to an Existing Default View


Tripal ships with a number of very generic default views. This allows users to immediately see their data "out-of-the-box". However, in the effort to make these views suit as many people as possible, they may not be ideal for you depending upon your requirements and data. This tutorial will show to how to alter those default views by adding fields.