The Legume Federation

The Legume Federation Project, funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (award #1444806), is a group of biologists, data scientists and software developers working to support legume databases and research, to build a healthy research ecosystem for this important group of crops. Genomic resources have been or are being developed for many legume crops, but the fragmented nature of these data resources limits the ability of researchers to leverage information generated in one species to infer function or identify candidate genes in another species. The overarching goal of this project is to address this deficiency by developing software and methods for a "Legume Federation" (LF) of diverse, independently funded and geographically separated genomic data portals (GDPs).

Please contact us, for any reason - to participate, to get tools, to contribute data, to ask questions about resources or tools, etc.


Who does the Legume Federation Project Serve?

The Legume Federation Project supports legume database projects and researchers, toward the ultimate goal of facilitating crop improvement by integrating genetic, genomic, and trait data across legume species and projects. The project facilitates the sharing of:

  • resource development
  • software components
  • protocols and standards
  • data management
  • data quality control
  • data analysis


Some tools and products of the Legume Federation project include:


Participating Projects and Federation Partners:

Legume data/web projects using and contributing common components, interfaces, data, and software include the following:

Partially funded in this project:

Other legume data/web projects using and contributing common components, interfaces, data, and software include the following:


Our Team

The Legume Federation Team is a collaboration between four institutions (funded under this project), and many other federation partners, working on projects working on similar data sets or database efforts.

Co-PIs and personnel (generally partial funding on this project for those listed below):

  • David Fernandez-Baca (PI; Iowa State University)
  • Steven Cannon (USDA-ARS, Iowa State University)
  • Ethy Cannon, Jacqueline Campbell, Malachy O'Connell (Iowa State University)
  • Andrew Farmer, Joel Berendzen, Sam Hokin, Sudhansu Dash, Connor Cameron (NCGR)
  • Eric Lyons, Amanda Cooksey (University of Arizona)
  • Chris Town, Agnes Chan, Vivek Krishnakumar (JCVI)
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