Tripal v2.1 released

Tripal v2.1 is now released with support for Chado v1.3 and lots of bug fixes.

The following changes exist with this version:

  • Supports Chado v1.3.
  • The addition of a phylogeny module that provides a newick file loader, a basic tree visualization, and an NCBI Taxonomy importer for organisms present in the database.
  • Supports new drush options for automating job launching (--max_jobs and --single)
  • Fixes to the GFF loader
  • Fixes to the Jobs API. Users can now run quick jobs from the GUI.
  • An updated patch for Views (#30)
  • Improved logging such that information messages aren't logged to the Apache error logs.
  • Added a "Powered by Tripal" block for positioning on a site.
  • Lots of bug fixes.