User's Meeting & Hackathon

Where: Plant & Animal Genome, San Diego, CA Town & Country in Royal Palm Salon 4 
When: Thursday, January 12 and Friday, January 13 from 8am - 5pm


Thursday, January 12

8:30am Discuss ideas and break out into groups

9am - 12am Break-out Sessions

12pm - 1pm LUNCH

1pm - 4pm Break-out Sessions

4pm - 5pm Round-table Discussion

Friday, January 13

8am - 12pm Round-table Discussion

12pm - 1pm LUNCH

1pm - 5pm Free Collaboration, continued Hackathon

Hackathon Topics

  • Tripal Download API: Implementing common download formats

  • Draft Guidelines for how to make a module “sharable”

  • How to make a Tripal module (for beginners)

  • Having fun with D3JS (you propose a not-too-complicated use case we could implement - offered/animated by VG)

  • Adding custom fields to search API indexation (offered/animated by VG)

  • Implementing a cart using Flag module (very easy and done quick - offered/animated by VG)

Discussion Topics

  • Tripal 3 update

  • Data type evolution: dealing with NGS type of data with Tripal and what about Chado?

  • Import/export module: extend Tripal Download API?

  • Genotype analysis and viewing tools: use cases and survey of tools now under development (Ethy)

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