Introduction to Drupal Theming

Drupal is designed to allow for relatively easy changes to the look-and-feel of the website. PHP code dedicated to the user presentation is intended to be housed in special template files for site developers to customize. The Drupal package comes with several themes as part of the default offering, however thousands of user-contributed themes are available for site-developers to download, install, and almost instantly change the look and feel of their sites. A Drupal Theme repository is available for searching user-contributed themes.

Each theme is physically a directory within the Drupal site that contains a set of PHP template files, JavaScript and CSS files. Some of the files in the theme directory are required and some are named according to Drupal naming styles so that Drupal can properly find them. For an in-depth overview of theming within Drupal, please see the Drupal Theming Guide.  Theme files are typically installed inside of the following directories:

For default themes that come with Drupal:

[drupal install path]/themes

For 3rd-party installed themes:

[drupal install path]/sites/all/themes