Using Drupal Fields to Add Content

Sometimes it is necessary to add new fields to a page for content that does not need to come from the underlying Chado database. This may include links to external resources, or separate panels containing links to download files. Drupal provides an interface to allow a site administrator to add new custom fields to any content type. This is useful in that it does not require programming expertise to add custom content to a page. Tripal supports using Drupal Fields to add new content to a page as links to external content in the table of contents sidebar, or new content panes, where a new link appears in the table of contents sidebar and when clicked the content appears on the page.

Despite that these new content will appear on a page created by Tripal, the fields are managed by Drupal. Therefore, one note of advice is to only add content in this way if it is not appropriate to store inside of the underlying Chado database. Otherwise, if you ever need to share the Chado database outside of the Drupal site these information will be missing. An example of an appropriate content pane would be a new 'Downloads' link on an analysis page in the sidebar which provides a pane containing links to download files used and generated by the analysis.

The following sections describe how to add links and custom panes using Drupal Fields.