Managing the Table of Contents

Each page constructed by Tripal is divided into two sections:  the Table of Contents (TOC) and the Content Panes section.   The default Tripal theme places the TOC to the left of the content.  As users click links in the TOC the Content Panes section is quickly updated to show the appropriate content.  The following screenshot shows an example of the Citrus sinensis page.  Notice the TOC tab just above the content:

Clicking the TOC tab will provide a form that lists each of the titles that are present in the Table of Contents.  Here you can rename the titles, check the box in the hide column to hide the content associated with the title, and you can use the cross-hairs to drag and drop the titles to reorder them.

We can hide the Feature Summary by clicking the checkbox in the Hide column and clicking the Submit button.  The feature summary will disappear from the page:

Any changes to the TOC using this form will only apply to the current page (e.g. the Citrus sinensis page).  These changes will not affect other organism pages.  To make site wide changes to the TOC for all organism pages, navigate to Tripal → Chado Modules -> Organism and click the TOC link.   A form similar to that on the organism page will appear to allow for the same type of customizations:

Any changes made to the TOC using the form on the organism administrative page will apply to all organisms.  However, any customizations for individual organisms will superceed any other customizations.   Thus a default customzation can be made for all organisms but individaul organism pages can have their own TOC customizations. 

TOC customization forms are available for all Tripal pages (e.g. features, organisms, analyses, libraries, publications, projects, stocks, etc...).