Tripal Release v2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Tripal v2.0 which is an improvement over the previous 2.0-rc1 (release candidate) version.

This release of Tripal includes represents bug fixes and improvements from the v2.0-rc1 (release candidate 1). We particularly would like to thank those who provided feedback, bug reports, feature requests and patches!  We do expect that there will probably be bugs we have missed. If you find any please report them to our issues queue.  Now that we have a more stable release and Tripal is a full Drupal project we expect to issue more frequent releases as bug fixes and new features are made available.

Upgrade from 2.x

To upgrade from a previous 2.x version simply issue the  drush pm-update command on the command-line within your Drupal installation directory.  As usual be sure you have a recent backup before performing any upgrade.  

Upgrade from 1.x

To upgrade from a 1.x version please follow the Upgrade from Tripal v1.1 to v2.0 instructions in the User's Guide.

Change Log

The following changes have been made:
  1. A new extension importer is available under the Tripal -> Extensions -> Import Extensions menu. It finds available extensions for Tripal and makes it easier to install them.
  2. Major slowness and memory leak problems have been resolved.
  3. Improved record deletion functionality.
  4. Support for d3 Javascript library has been aded to the Tripal Core module.
  5. A new d3 barchar on the feature admin page provides an overview of features in the database.
  6. Added new API functions and improved documentation for others.
    • Now contains autocomplete API functions for contacts, organisms and analyses
    • Bulk loader API function for programatically adding a bulk laoder
    • Improvements to the Chado Node API functions, especially for inserting properties, database cross-references and relationships.
    • New functions for adding indexes to tables (i.e. custom tables in Chado)
    • Add Tripal Variables API, which consists of functions for associating non-biological data with data records in Chado.
    • New functions to the Tripal Files API
  7. The GFF3 loader now creates protein sequences for transcripts with CDS if proteins are not present in the GFF3 file. This is consistent with the behavior of the Perl-based GMOD GFF3 loader.
  8. The feature browser has been noted as deprecated but is still available to give time to phase it out.
  9. Fixed a myriad of bugs.
  10. Fixed typos in the example module and added missing functions.