Tripal User's Meeting 2016/20/07

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Valentin Guignon, Bioversity International (CGIAR)

Lacey Sanderson (U of S)

Stephen Ficklin,  (WSU)

Sudhansu Dash, Andrew Farmer (NCGR)

Chun-Huai Cheng, Dorrie Main, Katheryn Buble, Sook Jung, Taein Lee (WSU)

Ming Chen (UTK)

Vivek Krishnakumar (JCVI)

Monica Poelchau (NAL/USDA)

Gerard Lazo (ARS)




  • Quick Items

  • Tripal v3 and REST API

    • The demonstration shows alpha functionality.  Things can still change, there are still bugs/mistakes in some places. Please offer suggestions!

    • Key Points:

      • Data back-end agnostic

        • Full support for Chado

        • Working on Neo4j support (via another project)

        • API for integration of other back-ends coming in the future….

      • Fully Backwards Compatible.

      • Ontology Driven

        • Integrates with semantic web for data exchange via web services

      • Full support of Drupal Entities

        • Allows for full web-based configuration of fields (less template editing!)

      • Style agnostic

        • Considering no default sidebar.

      • Exposed data is consistent between pages, web services (and other future methods i.e. downloads).

    • References:


      • How to integrate other custom REST APIs?

      • Support for more complex filters (e.g. with and/or conjunctions)

      • Mapping of CV terms to remaining Chado fields


  • Natural Diversity Issues