TripalMap Extension Module

TripalMap module displays map data stored in Chado. The module provides interfaces to view all linkage groups of a map, choose a linkage group and zoom in to a specific region of a linkage group, compare maps that share the same markers, change colors of markers/QTL, etc. The interface can be integrated in Tripal map page and hyperlinked to/from any Tripal page that are displayed in maps (marker, QTL, heritable morphological marker and/or gene). The admin page will allow site developers some flexibility of the display pattern. The map display is built from the data in Materialized Views for both better performance and flexibility of the way the data is stored in Chado. The admin page will allow using a custom query for building materialized views. The module will allow Tripal based databases to provide users functionality similar to GMOD-CMap without having to maintain a separate underlying database.
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Katheryn Buble
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