Tripal Multi-Chado Extension Module

Supports multiple Chado instances in one Tripal installation. Chado instances must be in the same database in different schemata. By default, Chado instance selection is made on a user basis: the administrator can enter in the system the connection information for several Chado databases and assign to each user a specific Chado connection setting. However, a companion module, included with this module, allows users to select which instance of Chado they want to use through a Drupal block dropdown menu. Note: it's also possible to only use one Chado instance with different user accounts to access to that database. Why multiple Chado instances? There are many reasons and just to give a few: private/public sites, dev/staging/prod, multiple organisms, multiple versions of genomes,... With the multi-chado module, all thoses instances can share a same common Drupal site (configured and with the same users of course).
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Tripal Multi-Chado
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Valentin Guignon, Alexis Andrieu
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