Tripal BLAST UI Extension Module

This module provides a basic interface to allow your users to utilize your server's NCBI BLAST+. It supports blastn, blastx, blastp and tblastx with separate forms depending upon the database/query type. It provides a simple interface allowing users to paste or upload a query sequence and then select from available databases. Additionally, a FASTA file can be uploaded for use as a database to BLAST against (this functionality can be disabled). Results are provided in a tabular listing with alignment information and are available for download in multiple formats (HTML, TSV, XML). This module integrates with the Tripal Jobs system providing administrators with a way to track BLAST jobs and ensure long running BLASTs will not cause page time-outs. BLAST databases are made available to the module by creating Drupal pages describing them. This allows administrators to use the Drupal Field API to add any information they want to these pages. BLAST database records can be linked to an external source with more information (ie: NCBI) per BLAST database.
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Lacey Sanderson (Univ. Saskatchewan), Ethy Cannon (Iowa State Univ)
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