QTL Extension Module

A module for management of QTL data. This module provides pages for QTLs, loaders, and relies on a controlled vocabulary developed by representatives from the Dorrie Main lab (CoolSeasonFoodLegumes, Genome Database for Rosaceae, CottonGen), the LIS group (PeanutBase, and LegumeInfo), and others. Two "placeholder" modules are in use by the two organizations. A unified module will be developed when Tripal 3.0 is released. A data dictionary for defining and describing QTL has been developed, along with a Chado data mapping.
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Ethy Cannon (Iowa State Univ), Steve Cannon (Iowa State Univ), Sook Jung (WSU), Chun-huai Cheng (WSU), Lacey Sanderson (Univ. Saskatchewan)
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