ND Genotypes Extension Module

This module provides a more specialized interface to genotypic information stored in the Chado Natural Diversity module tables including adding summaries of this information to feature pages and providing a powerful marker by germplasm matrix. The module adds specialized panes to marker and variant features to better display/summarize genotypic data. These include "Genotypes" pane with genotype distribution pie chart (HighCharts module needed), and "Sequences" pane which displays a region of the parent sequence for a marker with any known variants highlighted by their IUPAC wobble code to aid new marker design. The module also provides a search view displaying all the genotypes for a given stock in a marker (rows) by stock (columns) table. The user can indicate which stocks/germplasm they want to see and there is no set number of germplasm they can add.
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ND Genotypes
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Lacey Sanderson (Univ. Saskatchewan)
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