Mainlab Chado Search (sequence, map, marker, QTL, genotype, phenotype, germplasm) Extension Module

Mainlab Chado Search is a module that enables advanced search function for biological data stored in a Tripal/Chado database. By default, a set of search interfaces are provided, such as 'Gene Search' for searching genes and/or transcripts, 'Marker Search' for searching genetic markers, and 'Sequence Search' for searching any sequences stored in the Chado feature table. Searches for other data types, such as QTL, Map, Trait, Stock, Organism are also provided but may require modification to the materialized view to adjust for site-specific data storage. The Mainlab Chado Search module depends on the Tripal materialized views system for gathering data the site administrator wishes to make searchable. Using a materialized view not only improves the search performance, but also allows the administrator to restrict data by modifying the materialized view definition. This design also allows site developers to adopt this module when data in Chado is not stored in the exact same way. Two related modules are also available: Mainlab Tripal Data Display ( that organizes and extends the default display of the biological data hosted on a Tripal-enabled site and Mainlab Chado Loader and data collection templates (
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Mainlab Chado Search (sequence, map, marker, QTL, genotype, phenotype, germplasm)
Chun-Huai Cheng, Sook Jung, Dorrie Main
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