Mainlab Chado Loader (sequence, map, marker, QTL, genotype, phenotype, germplasm) Extension Module

MCL (Mainlab Chado Loader) is a module that enables users to upload their biological data to chado database schema. Users are required to transfer their biological data into various types of data template files. MCL, then, uploads these data template files into a chado schema. MCL requires each type of data template to have a corresponding class file. MCL predefines the class files for major data template types such as marker, QTL, germplasm, map, project. The flexibility of Chado schema often allows, however, the same type of biological data to be stored in various ways.. When their data are modeled and stored differently in Chado, users can modify these predefined class files. Otherwise users can inherit the existing template class. MCL also allow for users to define a new class file for a new data template. Two related modules are also available: Mainlab Tripal Data Display ( that organizes and extends the default display of the biological data hosted on a Tripal-enabled site and Mainlab Chado Search ( that enables advanced search function for biological data stored in a Tripal/Chado database.
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Mainlab Chado Loader (sequence, map, marker, QTL, genotype, phenotype, germplasm)
Taein Lee, Sook Jung, Dorrie Main
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