CV Browser Extension Module

This module can be used to display and browse a hierarchical tree representation of any controlled vocabulary (CV) stored into Chado (cvterm table). The vocabulary to browse must have relationships stored into the cvterm_relationship table where the children term is the subject (subject_id) and the parent term is the object (object_id). Circular relationships and network relationships are not an issue since the tree is not generated nor loaded when the CV browser page is accessed; Only root elements are displayed and each first level of a subtree is loaded (ajax) when the used click on the parent node. A generic CV browser page can be used to browse any CV from CV root term(s) or from user-selected terms. The URL of the page can be constructed this way: 'tripal/cvbrowser/' + <either 'cv' or 'cvterm', depending on the type of identifiers provided after> + <CV or CV term identifier(s) or name(s) (separated by "+" signs if more than on value is provided)>. Examples: - tripal/cvbrowser/cv/biological_process+molecular_function+cellular_component - tripal/cvbrowser/cvterm/1234
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CV Browser
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Valentin Guignon, Gaƫtan Droc
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