Chado Controller Extension Module

The Chado Controller is a module for Chado database divided in 3 parts: 1) Annotation History: this sub-module keeps track of any modifications made on Chado database. Each transaction is recorded so it is possible to retrieve which user made which modification and when. 2) Access Restriction: it enables access restriction for users and/or groups at any item (feature, stock,...) level. The administration interface manages users and groups access restrictions and other management interfaces can me customized through Drupal view module. 3) Chado Inspector: this sub-module can automatically fill some data fields (for instance the "owner" featureprop) according to a given context and check data integrity to report warnings and errors to administrators or to users (data curators). This module is in design/alpha stage and is not working yet.
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Chado Controller
Alexis Andrieu, Valentin Guignon
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