Upgrade from Tripal v1.0 (or v1.0-fix1) to v1.1

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IMPORTANT:  Before upgrading, be sure that you have a proper backup of your site, including a backup of all files in the Drupal installation directory and a database dump.   Please read through these instructions before beginning the upgrade.

First, switch your site to maintenance mode at 'Administer' -> 'Site Configuration' -> 'Site maintenance'

To upgrade from v1.0 or v1.0-fix1 to v1.1, first remove the tripal directory (be sure to have a backup first).  Then replace Tripal with the following drush command:

drush pm-download tripal 6.x-1.1

And do the same for the Tripal Theme, by first removing the old directory and replacing it with the following command:

drush pm-download tripal_theme 6.x-1.1

You will next need to clear the Drupal cache using the Drush command:

drush cc all

Next, use the drush command inside your Drupal site directory to update the database

drush updatedb

You can safely ignore the error message:

"WD tripal_core: tripal_core_is_sql_prepared: argument must be an array"

Finally, turn off maintenance mode at 'Administer' -> 'Site Configuration' -> 'Site maintenance'



Some improvements were made to the Contact module including the addition of a Contact Ontology for storing details about a contact.  If you had previously enabled the Contact module while using the development branch of Tripal you may receive the following error the next time jobs are launched after the upgrade:

ERROR: counld not find OBO file: '[drupal install path]/sites/all/modules/tripal/tripal_contact/tcontact.obo'

During development the tcontact.obo file was moved from one location to another which causes this message.  To fix the problem, create a symbolic link for the file

cd [drupal install path]/sites/all/modules/tripal/tripal_contact/
ln -s files/tcontact.obo tcontact.obo

You should then re-load the Tripal Contact Ontology at 'Administer' -> 'Tripal Management' -> 'Vocabularies' -> 'Load Ontology'